SEO for companies

Not having a marketing department at your company does not mean that you have to completely give up on SEO. Even a low budget can make a world of a difference.

  • For your company

Thanks to the appropriate guidelines, you can work on increasing the visibility of your website on Google independently. We will show you the right activities to do to build your position in Google, and you can perform them yourself  – all while saving on the costs associated with hiring specialists.

Why is it worth it to invest in SEO?

When starting online marketing activities, there are many paths to choose from: social media, display advertising, paid advertising on Google and Facebook, and of course SEO.

Why should you focus on SEO?

  • Well-performed website optimization will yield long-term results
  • Compared to other forms of marketing, SEO typically converts better
  • More exposure of your website in the search results improves brand awareness among current and potential customers


Zbuduj fundamenty

We will start with the technical optimization of your website to prepare it for further SEO activities.

Technical optimization includes:

  • SEO audit – a thorough analysis of the website will identify any technical problems
  • Keyword analysis – we will conduct an in-depth search for all keywords related to your business. This way, we will find out how users search for your products or services
  • Planning the structure – organizing the structure of the website (categories, subcategories) will help Googlebots better understand your website and what is on it
  • Speed and mobile optimization – adapdting your website to Google’s requirements regarding page speed and display on mobile devices will give you an advantage over the competition and improve conversion


Choose expert content

Publish guide content about the products and services you offer on your website. Thanks to this, you will gain:

  • Visibility in Google
  • The image of an industry expert
  • The ability to acquire customers at every stage of the purchasing funnel

We will help you achieve these goals by planning SEO-optimized content that will build your visibility.

Leverage business relationships

In addition to technical and content optimization, the third key pillar of SEO is links from other pages.

Purchasing them can be expensive, which is why we have other ways to do this.

Thanks to your business relationships, you can quickly get the first relevant links to your website. Together, we will explore the possibilities you have in this area and utilize them to increase the visibility of your website.