Content marketing

A detailed analysis of the keywords used by both you and your competitors let us plan content that will effectively draw clients to your website at every stage of the path to purchase.

What does content marketing do for your business?

Content marketing activities are already being implemented by 77% of companies on the market. As many as 40% of marketers also admit that they are a key part of their strategy.

A well-executed content marketing campaign will allow you to achieve many business goals, including but not limited to:

  • Crafting your image as an expert in the industry
  • Reaching potential customers at every stage of the path of purchase
  • Support for SEO activities thanks to acquired links


Different forms of content marketing

We run content marketing campaigns based on various forms of content:

  • Blogs and how-to sections
  • Infographics
  • Industry Reports
  • Rankings


A tried and trusted process

We plan content marketing in accordance with our proven 5-step plan:

  • Concept – what will your audience be interested in? What form of content will be the best?
  • Research – we collect the data needed to prepare a content plan
  • Content creation – we write and publish articles on the website
  • Outreach – we distribute content to gain valuable links
  • Effects analysis – we summarize the effects obtained


Wide outreach

There is no effective content marketing without proper content distribution. For each campaign, we carefully select the places of publication so that the prepared material reaches the widest possible audience.


Effects of content marketing

We carefully measure the effects of our content marketing activities to know for certain which ones bring the greatest value to your business.

An effective campaign should generate:

  • leads
  • mentions
  • links