Local SEO

Did you know that as many as 46% of all Google queries are local, meaning they contain the name of a city, district or region? If your business is local, SEO has got to be a part of your strategy.

  • Increase sales
  • Generate traffic

Local positioning is also associated with a presence on Google Maps. Based on data from Senuto, we know that out of 31 million researched keywords, maps appear in search results for as many as 5 million queries. This accounts for 17% of the keywords typed into Google.

To better understand the scale of local queries on Google, check out some examples of numbers of city name keywords and Google Maps:

  • 411 thousand words for Warsaw
  • 296 thousand for Wrocław
  • 29.5 thousand for Sosnowiec


Why is local SEO important?

  • You will make it easier for customers to find your business

The scale of Google inquiries about places in the area is growing – in recent years, the number of local inquiries has increased 9 times.

  • You will increase sales

As many as 80% of users entering a local query on their smartphone become a customer of the company they find on Google.

  • You will generate high-quality traffic

As many as 72% of people searching for a local business on Google decide to visit a brick-and-mortar branch.


Local search results

The appearance of local results differs from standard organic results.

In the so-called “local pack”, there are additional elements that make up the company’s Google business card:

  • number of ratings and average rating
  • contact details and address
  • opening hours

Ensuring proper presentation of this data is crucial for any local business.

Importantly, appearing on maps in the search results significantly affects the CTR from organic results.

Data table from Senuto:

PositionCTR with snippetsCTR with mapsDifference

Conclusion: it’s better for your site to be on Google Maps than under it!


How does local SEO work?

Although local SEO is still SEO, its success is influenced by slightly different factors:

  • NAP mentions (Name, Address, Phone) – are confirmation that your company really exists
  • Ratings – these are reviews and ratings about your business that come not just from Google Maps, but other sources as well
  • Traditional SEO Factors – technical optimization, links and content are important for local SEO as well

At Vestigio, we will help you take care of all of these aspects.